Donate Your Clothes
Tens of thousands of clothes collection bins are conveniently placed in shopping centers, parking lots and residential areas in Europe and North America in collaboration with municipalities and private entities.
This is where you can donate your valuable used clothes to a Humana People to People organization.
The Humana People to People second hand clothes collection addresses environment, economic development, and social development at the same time.


To find the box nearest to you, go to the website of a member organization in your country.


The donated clothes supports programs serving the people of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
Teacher training programs that produce qualified and compassionate primary school teachers for rural areas of the developing world.
Vocational schools that provide education and training to undereducated youth, allowing them to work and contribute to their communities.
Schools for orphans and vulnerable children in need of a protective and suppoting environment to get on with life and education.

Agriculture and Rural Development
Farmers' Clubs programs that provide training to small-scale farmers to create food security and income for their families.

Health programs
HIV/AIDS programs giving affected communities the knowledge and tools necessary to take control of the epidemic.
Malaria and TB programs that attack to of the biggest killer diseases.
Water and sanitation programs, maternal and child health programs and general health training program for families, school children and communities to know and take action on the issues threatening them.

Community Development
Child Aid programs that improve the standard of living for families in impoverished areas through a holistic, community-based approach with a focus on education, health care and economic development.