Become a Development Instructor

Development Instructors

Development Instructors are international volunteers. They have played an important role in Humana People to People since its start in 1978, where volunteers were the majority of the people carrying out the programs. Humana People to People members have a close cooperation with schools in Europe and the USA in the training of the Development Instructor.


The common structure of the Development Instructor program is three distinct periods:

  • A training period based at the schools.
  • A project period, “Fighting with The Poor”.
  • A journal period concluding and producing materials that can bring the Development Instructor’s experience to the public. 


The idea of the program is to gather people of different ages and professions and from several countries around important work. Through daily practice and theoretical studies in the first period, Development Instructors gather knowledge and understanding of important, current issues and what it takes to build a sustainable and functioning human society, both now and in the future. 


This leads to the practice period in Humana People to People projects, entitled, “Fighting with The Poor”. Development Instructors join forces with people in the projects to become strong enough and courageous enough to move something from one stage to another in the fights that are relevant, important and necessary to The Poor. 


Back at the school, the team produces “The Journal” with the aim of bringing the knowledge of the fight of The Poor to the public. 


Throughout the program, participants can be enrolled at One World University (OWU) in Mozambique as a distance learner.


To know more about the Development Instructor program and some of the schools that we work with in the training of Development Instructors, you can go to: