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From the Track Record
In the following, a small selection of excerpts from various reports, evaluations, interviews and letters about the work and the achievements of the Humana People to People member organizations is presented.


The projects and programs are being monitored and evaluated continuously, and the conclusions and recommendations from evaluations are being used to improve the quality and the efficiency and effectiveness of the efforts.

Many of the projects of Humana People to People are long term development projects, such as Farmers' Clubs which is addressing the training of small scale farmers as a solution to food security; the teacher training programs which are addressing the shortage of teachers in the rural areas and among the poor in the townships around the cities; the Child Aid programs which are addressing the need for training of families in taking good care of their children and the need for development of poor communities.
The statements below are a mixture of 'snap-shots', showing a certain picture at a specific moment in time, while others are the result of deeper studies and analyses over time.