zambia-large-flag-za Capital Lusaka
Population 13.8 million
GDP $18,5 billion (USD) 


Total Area 752,614 (sq km)
290,584 (sq mi)
Currency Zambian Kwacha


he idea of DAPP in Zambia is to create development in communities together with the people by sharing necessary skills, knowledge and tools to fight poverty, illiteracy and disease.

DAPP in Zambia is registered as a Welfare Society. Currently, DAPP is working in 9 provinces of Zambia. DAPP is working in close co-operation with the Government of Zambia, international and national organisations and partners as well as individuals and companies. More than 700.000 people are currently participating in a DAPP program thus taking part in creating development while benefiting from the project activities.

The Projects

DAPP in Zambia is running comprehensive development projects, which deal with some of the major social and economic issues in Zambia such as HIV and AIDS prevention and care, community development, agriculture, environment, education, maternal and child health, water and sanitation.

DAPP in Zambia is currently running the following projects:

10 Child Aid Projects
5 HOPE projects: 

DAPP Children's Town
Total Control of the Epidemic with 3 areas
DAPP Clothes and Shoes Sales in 34 shops

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March 2014