slovenia-flag Capital Ljubljana
Population 2,003,136
GDP $55,840,000,000 (USD)
Total Area 20,273 (sq km)
7,827 (sq mi)
Currency Euro


HUMANA d.o.o. was founded 2002 and has been member of the Federation Humana People to People since 2006. 

HUMANA Slovenia as local social enterprise with global orientation follows the common strategy of making it possible for people to give to people and help the poorest wherever they live.

For realising these goals around 300 clothing collection containers give the inhabitants in the surrounding areas possibilities to donate clothes. 

We have a very positive response from the population. It is obviously that everybody can use our system as alternative to throw away the once beloved clothes. In this way we also help to save the environment.

The containers you can find in Slovenia along the coastline to the Adriatic Sea in Piran, Koper, Novo Gorica and in the greater Ljubljana area. We collect around 1.200 tons (2013) of clothes per year.

The clothes are sold and exported. The very most of the turnover are spend in Slovenia as running costs, thus boosting the Slovenian economy as well. The surplus is used for sustainable development cooperation with people and organizations in poor countries abroad.

In addition the collection makes it possible to help also on the local level in Slovenia by, for example, donating clothes to individual people who come to us and express the need.   

Concerning the assistance against poverty it is extremely important to cultivate a sense of compassion towards other people and work for the more than just distribution of goods. 

Thus we cooperate with Slovenian schools through educational projects every year in order to help cultivate this sense in our children. In recent years, we have also organized several local projects: we collected clothing and school supplies for some primary schools in Slovenia, donated clothing to Roma communities in Dolenjska, we organized a one-off clothing collection campaigns in remote regions - together with the Red Cross, donated clothes and furniture to Slovenian students, as well as others who came to us.

2014, we wish to expand our socially beneficial activities also to even further in Slovenia and get actively involved in social projects at the local level and devote a part of the resources to socially disadvantaged people here in Slovenia.

At the international level HUMANA d.o.o in 2011, 2012 and 2013 has supported several “Child Aid” projects (Children's Town in Malambanyama etc.), “Farmers Club” and health care “Hope” projects in Zambia.

HUMANA d.o.o. is a social enterprise according to ideas of Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Price winner and founder of the Grameen Bank. A social enterprise is run like a normal company. It has income and expenses, but the surplus is used for charity instead of being paid to the shareholders. Mr Yunus says that our modern society is in need for the legal structure of such companies - a view also shared by us. 


March 2014