romania-flag Capital Bucharest
Population 22,171,287
GDP $255,400,000,000 (USD)
Total Area 237,500 (sq km)
91,699 (sq mi)
Currency Lei

Stichting HUMANA s.r.l. is a company dedicated

Stichting Humana s.r.l is a company dedicated to support  impoverished people with development projects with funds generated by running second hand shops.

This entity has been active since 2006, and there are now 9 second hand clothes shops in the  area of Transylvania : 6 shops in Brasov and 3 shops in Sibiu. The shops are between 150 and 550 m2. Basically fresh clothes are put in every day, and the shops are filled with a brand new collection every 5th week. On the last day of the 5 week cycle every piece costs less than 1 euro, which means that thousands of people have the possibility to buy really cheap high quality clothes.

The shops are also a place where people can get information about the developments projects in Humana People to People.

The shops have created 51 jobs.

November 2010