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Total Control of the Epidemic

The TCE program to fight HIV/ AIDS was created in 1999 by Humana People to People and first implemented in Zimbabwe in the year 2000. Today 12 years later the TCE program has been implemented in 10 countries and has reached out to more than 11 million people at individual level through more than 5.000 TCE Field Officers and more than 500.000 Passionate are active in part of fighting for prevention and care.

T CE - Total Control of the Epidemic is a community mobilization program focused on preventing HIV transmission. The foundation of TCE is that only the people can liberate themselves from the HIV epidemic. The program raises awareness about HIV, mobilizes people to change their behaviour and utilize health services such as HIV testing, treatment for HIV (anti- retroviral treatment, ART) treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and opportunistic infections, participation in maternal and child health programs and TB treatment.

The basis of the TCE program is a dialog on HIV/Aids between a TCE field officer and all individuals in the Field of 2000 people. TCE is systematically covering all people in a TCE Area. This is a geographic unit of 100.000 people. Fifty TCE field officers are employed in a TCE Area, with each assisting 2.000 people. Each single person in the area is mobilized to take control of HIV in his / her own life. The field Officer assists individuals to draft a personal HIV risk reduction plan and supports the people in changing sexual behaviors and lifestyle.

The TCE Structure

The fight has been intensified over the years, many times the TCE Commanders leading the fight have met at the Humana People to People Headquarters in Zimbabwe to report, debate and develop the program, to raise the goals and benchmarks and to demand ever more from each other in this intense fight and to confirm to one another never to rest until the virus is beaten and AIDS is stopped.

A TCE Area is defined by its population size of 100.000 people. The TCE Area is divided into 50 fields of 2.000 people. 50 locals are recruited and trained as Field Officers in charge of implementing the TCE program in all the fields and thus each Field Officer has the responsibility to reach 2.000 people.

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The 50 TCE Field Officers form a Troop together and are further divided into 5 Patrols, each Patrol consisting of 10 TCE Field Officers and led by one from its own who doubles as a Field Officer and a Patrol Leader.

Five TCE Areas form a Division. A TCE Division covers a population of 500.000 people, thus comprises a total of 250 TCE Field Officers. There is a Division and Communication Center to lead and inspire the function of the Division. The Division is led by a Division Commander and two deputies.

Five Divisions form a Corps. A TCE Corps covers a population of 2, 5 million people. The Corps level work is led by a Corps Commander.

Six Special Forces at each level assist with the monitoring and evaluation of Field Officers and all the TCE work.