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Schools for Children and Youth

Children’s Schools and Children’s Towns provided primary and secondary school education to vulnerable children in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


The Children’s Schools have day programs, providing training the traditional school subjects, but also include life skills training, sports, and cultural activities. The Children’s Towns are boarding schools, providing both the education and social environment needed for children who have often lost their family and sometimes also experienced abuse, substance misuse and criminality.


Six Academies for Working Children in India provided basic education to street children and working children who have not been able to attend formal schools, often because their parents are migrant workers and the children get involved in earning the livelihood for their families. The school life is organized to fit to the situation of the children, with three to four hours of training at flexible times, preparing the students to manage in government schools.


HPP India 6 Academies for Working Children ADPP Mozambique 5 schools DAPP Namibia 1 school DAPP Zambia 1 ...
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