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Introduction Big Epidemics

People have a right to good health and the knowledge exists to overcome many of the diseases that destroy health and development for the poorer people and their communities. 

The health of people impacts development. A 10% improvement in life expectancy at birth can be associated with a rise in economic growth of 0.3-0.4 percentage points per year, for example. And malaria in Africa alone – to cite another example – costs an estimated minimum of US $12 billion annually in lost productivity. 


Three of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals deal directly with promoting health and fighting diseases. This reflects the importance the world puts on improvements in good health and the opportunities this gives for people to be active in improving their lives and their environment.

WHO estimates that HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases cause 32% of the burden of ill health in Africa and seriously impact on health in every region of the world. WHO also estimates that around 6% of the global burden of disease is related to water. 

Humana People to People members run programs that respond to all of these health issues. 


General and broad health promotion is at the basis of the “Child Aid and Community Development” projects. HIV and TB prevention and care is addressed in the Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) and HOPE projects. Malaria is addressed in all programs and in specific malaria actions involving large numbers of people. The same is the case for water and sanitation, which is integrated into all programs while also being the focus for specific projects. 


When disaster hits, the Humana People to People projects are there on the ground, ready to use all forces to assist and cooperate with the people, ...
During a 5 year campaign, the project covers about 3 million people, mostly minorities, in 12 poor border counties, with information about malaria and ...
Discrimination against those living with HIV/AIDS is still highly practiced in some communities, although the general tendency is pointing towards ...
Before the onset of the rainy season a thorough malaria campaign can prevent many cases of malaria. Many projects use their existing structures to carry ...