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Agriculture & Rural Development


In the last 50 years, the world’s population has doubled and an expected nine billion people will inhabit the world by 2050. Climate change is affecting agricultural production in many parts of the world, creating a need for small-scale farmers to produce effectively and adapt to the climatic situation to secure food supplies for all. 

One billion people out of the present seven billion people on the planet do not have enough to eat. 80% of these people live on the land and live off what they can produce from the land. They play an important role in food production, cultivating 400 million farms of less than two hectares and producing half of the world’s food. 

The Farmers’ Clubs program is Humana People to People’s answer to the challenges facing small-scale farmers to increase production and create sustainability in the face of climate change. The Child Aid and Community Development Projects also promote sustainable and productive farming, processing and marketing of the products through activities that strengthen the economy of the families in the programs.

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