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Community Development India
Humana People to People India implements Community Development Projects, which are an integrated approach of development, expressed in 10 lines of activities - covering all aspects of life, and thus strengthening the community. The idea of the project is "to work together with people and their communities to develop a life in dignity and well being through access to services that meet their basic needs in a sustainable manner including livelihood, health, education and information, a safe and healthy environment and a life free of discrimination, thus ensuring their economical, social, cultural as well as civil and political rights."

The 10 lines of activities deal with long-term development, which needs sustainable solutions to be created and implemented. The Community Development Projects are therefore capable of changing their way of operation to seize upcoming possibilities for cooperation with all forces pulling in the same direction - being it governmental initiatives, other organizations, national or local programs. At the same time the projects maintain their clear profile with the 10 lines of activities and the basic methods of the programs.

A Community Development Project takes its point of departure with the people in the community, who organize themselves in groups of common interest including Self Help Groups, Women's Groups, Farmers' Clubs, Youth Clubs, Adolescents' Groups, Kids' Clubs and a confluence of selected members from each group together with other government and Panchayat stakeholders to form the Village Action Group. As a result of the community groups, the self- organizing strength is being built up over time. The capacity of self-organizing is an additional result to the actual, practical activities, but nonetheless a very important factor for sustainable development.

Humana People to People India is implementing 16 community development projects in five states of India including Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand.

Name of Group

Organization Number

Total Members

Female Members

Women's Groups 417 6,296 6,296
Youth Clubs 340 5,288
Kids' Clubs 334 4,483 743
Adolescent Boys' Groups 217 2,864  
Adolescent Girls' Groups 467 7,047 7,047
Self Help Groups 1,292 16,515 16,425
Farmers' Clubs 469 7,115 74
Village Action Groups 216 2,845 418
Village Health Committees 42 443 169
Total Groups 3,794 52,896 31,172