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Community Development


The world has 2.3 billion children under the age of 18 who comprise one third of the global population. These children experience a very different childhood depending on whether they come from a rich or a poor family. 1.3 billion children live in relative prosperity, with access to at least seven pieces of clothes per year, food three times a day, education and adult care.

At the same time, one billion children struggle for their daily survival, faced with conflict, hunger, disease, lack of medical care and little or no educational opportunities. 

The UN is uniting people, organizations and governments to improve conditions for children and for The Poor and as a result, much has been achieved since the creation of the Millennium Development Goals. 


Humana People to People is part of this fight. Fighting with The Poor is a concept that is integrated into all programs. One World University has a faculty for Fighting with The Poor. In Farmers’ Clubs, the smallholder farmers fight together for an agricultural production that can give them food security, an increased income and can improve their living. In TCE and other health programs, people fight together to overcome the threat of HIV and other preventable diseases that often hit The Poor harder because of their lack of opportunities to protect themselves. 


In the Child Aid and Community Development Projects, people organize together and work with all the issues that contribute to development for their communities, their families and their children, so that they can develop to their full potential. Development in one area – such as sanitation – is of course good, but when it combines with income increases, disease prevention, maternal and child health, improved social standing of women, preschool education, the active involvement of children and youth, and care for the most vulnerable in a community, these positive changes together empower people and a community to be innovative and to make lasting improvements.

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