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The continuous fight against AIDS

The Idea of Hope Humana projects are to give people hope and the ability to face HIV/AIDS. It is a People to People strategy based on people coming together and acting to realize the hope for life. The Hope projects work through actions that prevent infections, lead to a healthier life with HIV and create many alliances and structures for people to support each other to deal with the consequences of the HIV pandemic.

The Hope Humana project has a center for its activities, but works with people in their communities to ensure that it is easy for people to meet, support each other and follow up on PMTCT( Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission), TB treatment, ART (Anti Retroviral treatment) and other activities.

By end of 2010 Hope Humana reached 760.000 people through 20 projects in 8 countries. The strategy of Hope is expected through main elements, volunteer Hope activists take a lead. They are trained in community mobilization skills and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support. Testing services with follow -up are also provided, and referrals are made as needed to support groups, to treatment centers and other health services.

HOPE Humana cooperates with the government health facilities and local, national and international partners engaged in the same struggle to overcome and prevent the HIV epidemic and to deliver the needed service to people.

Another approach in the fight to stop AIDS taken by the HOPE Humana projects is that they establish centers in the community as the base for actions to stop HIV/AIDS and to support people and communities affected by the disease. From the HOPE Center, the project operates in three main lines: Health Services including Voluntary Counseling and Testing, Outreach Programs and Opinion Forming Activities. Some HOPE Centers have own testing facilities, while others refer to and cooperate with other test centers.

The Outreach Programs include positive living clubs, which support people living with HIV, lessons in home based care and organization of volunteers to carry out home based care, lessons in nutrition and establishment of nutrition gardens, support for orphans and their caregivers, and much more – all needed in the fight against AIDS and in dealing with the consequences of the AIDS epidemic. The HOPE projects perform Opinion Forming Activities by speaking up about HIV/AIDS in public, through the National AIDS Councils, and by having an extensive cooperation with other organizations and institutions, such as churches and schools, on local as well as on national level.



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The continuous fight against AIDS The Idea of Hope Humana projects are to give people hope and the ability to face HIV/AIDS. It is a ...