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The International Headquarters
The Humana People to People International Headquarters is situated on Murgwi Estate, Shamva in Zimbabwe, 85 km outside of the capital Harare, in a rural setting.


As its main activity, Humana People to People assists its members in achieving their goals through a broad range of services delivered through its international HQ and its staff. The services are partly initiated by the HQ itself, partly by the members, and are always given in the form of proposals and offers for the members to choose from.
One way of assisting the members is to gather personnel from different spheres of operation. During 2009, 43 conferences were held at the HQ at Murgwi Estate for groups of country leaderships, partnership leaderships, project leaders, administrative personnel, and fund-raisers.

These conferences and meetings serve as in-service training of staff in various aspects. At times, project concepts are developed during the conferences, and the participants go back home with new and better guidelines for how to achieve what they set out for. At times, production results are scrutinized and analyzed, conclusions drawn and new ways of meeting the challenges in the day to day operation are developed. A theme for a conference can also be how a project leader can carry out training of his staff at the project, using well elaborated manuals, individual development plans and common actions.
Exchange of experiences among the participants always plays an important role in the conferences, as does the building of lasting friendships across the continents.