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Staff training at Frontline Institute


At Frontline Institute DAPP Zimbabwe trains professional key staff from the projects within the Humana People to People movement. They are trained and equipped with knowledge, skills, ethics and attitudes enabling them to transform their dreams and wishes for a better world into practical action. The participants come from Africa, Latin America and Asia and blend in a fruitful international environment, while training Basic and Advanced Project Management.

Frontline Institute - its history and present

In 1983 interviews with a number of Frontline State presidents pointed to the need for training of people, who would work together to create development across borders and cultures and with the understanding of the necessity to create a new image of Africa - an image of unity, peace and progress. This led to the formation of Frontline Institute, first as a training centre for Europeans and Africans in Denmark, and in 1991 Frontline Institute in Zimbabwe was started up.

The students at Frontline Institute have all been active in development projects and have experienced what it takes to create development. They know the conditions that people are facing in the everyday in the cities and in the rural areas of Africa and India. Most of them have been living in the same communities and have been part of the everyday struggle to deal with conflicts and poverty and to make things go forward.

They learn to be driving forces in the development and be cornerstones that people can rely on. The students are trained to create changes and to understand the process that it takes to make the changes come about.  The students are trained to work in the field together with the people, who are living there and working for betterments.

They are trained to create partnerships with all the people, who are concerned with development, from clinics and hospital, educational institutions, Government offices, and international organizations in order to make use of all forces and make things happen.

In 2009, Frontline Institute also started in Malawi and Angola to meet the needs for new project leaders in the member countries.

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February 2011