The Charter
Through the 80's and 90's Humana People to People grew in size and scope with more countries, more development projects, more activities within the projects and many more people involved. The Charter was written to sum up the status of the organization and to preview, anticipate and herald an even more vivid, active and magnificent future.

The Charter of Humana People to People is a piece of art. It is an example of how it is possible to write the history of the future. The future of Humana People to People was written down in 1996 and launched in 1998 after a 2 year process, where everyone in Humana People to People read the Charter as an inspiration and expressed themselves in writing and drawings about their dream, vision and plans for the future of their projects. It made a lasting impression on everyone and started the long lasting influence of the Charter on Humana People to People.

Because of its immense quality and true collective origin, the Charter is in use all the time and present all the time in the work of the Federation.

English Charter

Danish Charter

Dutch Charter

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German Charter

Portuguese Charter

Spanish Charter

Swedish Charter