Financial Information

The members of Humana People to People spent approximately US$76 million on development projects in 2015. 

The 31 members of Humana People to People are all locally registered and independent organizations, operating within the context of their country. The members each manage their own finances and accounts are audited annually. National member accounts are not consolidated by the Federation.


However, based on information provided by members, funds were principally used across 4 program areas: 




The sources of income vary from member to member, but the two main streams of income are fundraising through secondhand clothes and Partnership in Development. The main sources of income were:*




Fundraising through secondhand clothes and shoes 

Fundraising through secondhand clothes and shoes is an essential component of Humana People to People work, as it provides people in rich countries with an opportunity to support the people in countries where it is difficult for them to create development without support locally and solidarity from abroad. At the same time it provides funding for projects, making it possible for members of Humana People to People to implement many different programs and start up new initiatives. As a third and very important element, the collection and reuse of clothes saves resources and mitigates climate change.


Partnership in Development 

The other major source of income is from Partnership in Development. Members of Humana People to People make agreements with governments, foundations, companies, organizations and multilateral grant mechanisms for specific programs, projects and activities of common interest. 

The Humana People to People Charter notes that strength does not stem from the hair, it stems from the passionate hearts, the devoted souls and the will power to practice Solidary Humanism. The numerous commitments coming from individuals, businesses, international donor, government department and multi-government organization add up to make wide range of activities possible. 

The 2015 economy for The Federation 

The financial statements of the Federation show only the funds that passed through The Federation itself. The contributions are in the forms of cash or clothes donated by members in Europe and United States, who have requested that The Federation distributes these donations to development projects on their behalf and co-ordinates the flow of funds. The contributions for projects passing through the Federation was US$20.5 million in 2015.