UN intensify the Fight Against Malnutrition

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NutritionHumana People to People applause the appointment of 29 Global Leaders mandated with spearheading the Fight Against Malnutrition. The appointment made by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will go towards building support needed to address malnutrition affecting millions of people in the world.


The grouping of the experienced leaders will help to lead and guide the urgency of collective action on combating malnutrition which is expected to cascade its impact on people, communities, and whole societies.  Achieving good nutrition is about more than the food we eat, and it cannot be guaranteed by economic growth or even by poverty reduction. It is therefore essential that a comprehensive global system that regularly monitors and responds to people’s nutritional status exist and is functional. Under-nutrition correction is crucial not only in its own right, but also as one of the most important indicators of poverty more broadly. 


At their inaugural meeting on 21 September, the Global Leaders identified the priority actions that they will champion to achieve the objectives of the Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, as outlined in its newly released Strategy and Roadmap 2016-2020, and help member countries to achieve lasting human impact at scale.


The SUN Movement now includes 57 countries and three Indian States, up from 19 countries in 2011. The SUN Movement represents a global push for action and investment, with the support of organizations and individuals, to help every child, adolescent, mother and family realize their right to food and nutrition, in turn helping them reach their full potential and helping shape more sustainable and prosperous societies.


Recent researches confirm that the first 1.000 days, from a mother’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday, are a critical window that can determine a child’s destiny. Good nutrition helps develop strong brains and bodies, allowing the opportunity to not just survive, but thrive, and reach their full potential in life. A lot of effort at community level especially among vulnerable people is essential to build health communities.


Humana People to People, through its member DAPP Malawi, is contributing to overall reduction of child stunting, maternal and child anemia in Malawi. This is expected to be achieved through strengthening and scaling up maternal and child nutrition service delivery at community level in Dowa, Blantyre and Chiradzulu districts. The program also strengthens existing local development committees, who will provide leadership on all nutrition, child and maternal health activities at community level. 

A total of 82.230 households that includes pregnant and lactating women and their infants have been registered for the nutrition support both in Chiradzulu and Blantyre. Further the project has conducted 45 Nutrition Open Days at community level to educate the people and sensitize the community about nutrition integration interventions. 

Over, 600.000 people are receiving nutrition awareness education which is all supporting the Scaling-Up Nutrition activities as proclaimed by United Nations’ 1.000 special days. The mobilization is done by community based Field Officers who visit each household and provide interactive dialogue among causes, of malnutrition, its dire effects and what can be done with the available resources to provide solutions. In some worse cases vulnerable families are supported with supplementary feeding.


In Mozambique, Humana People to People member ADPP Mozambique has been running the program Food for Education benefiting 65.000 primary school children in the province of Maputo.  The project is dedicated to the children of Mozambique as it offers them a daily meal for all primary school students in order for each child to grow and prosper and have plenty of energy for life and learning. The project was developed as a response to the increased school drop-outs recorded in primary schools as children opted out due to hunger. 

The nutrition component of the program has sharply increased school attendance and enrollment among involved schools. The program has gone into its second phase with focus on increasing the quality of school participation among the children in the program. The new demand is part of how Humana People to People is using nutrition action as a bridge to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal number 4 – Quality Education.


The United Nations declared, first 1.000 special days & a Decade of Action, reaffirms the call to end all forms of malnutrition as anchored in the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) Rome Declaration as well as in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 



September 2016