Microfinance empowers women in India

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Humana People to People India’s Microfinance aims at ensuring that poor women get access to credit and become part of the economic development of their communities. There are now more than 3.700 women who have received a micro finance loan.

The project organizes the women in groups that vouch for each other, builds their capacity and provides access to loans of up to 250 USD for establishment of production or trade. The result is that the women get started with creating their own income, build their assets up gradually, develop their micro enterprises, thus enhancing their capacity to earn money, and enjoy an improved quality of life, possibilities for investments in their families and a higher status in the community. This is all very important for the future of the women and their families.

We can see now that family income for the particpating women has increased with 30-40%, the value of assets in the families has increased with 25-30% and the number of children who leave school untimely has dropped by 50%.

(Sept 2010)